Angels All Around

ANGELS ALL AROUND puts unpaid carers centre stage, and celebrates them for the vital work they do caring for friends and family who are disabled or living with life affecting health conditions. 

Carers are "beatified" and placed at the heart of their stories in special portraits created inside icon boxes, crafted from repurposed recycled materials.

Slavka loves creating collages with her own photos and printed designs, her style leaning towards the folk art tradition. Her influences for this project are drawn from her Serbian heritage, in particular Eastern Orthodox icons and murals.

Slavka crafted seven of the icons and carers themselves made another nine through artist led workshops.

Both Slavka and project assistant Becky Simmons are full time carers themselves, so this project is very close to their hearts.

The Exhibition
Angels All Around exhibition opened at HISBE Supermarket, Worthing, on 25th November 2021, to mark National Carers Rights Day. A selection of icons can be viewed there until 9th January 2022. You can view all of the icons in their full splendour here.

Thanks to
Eva Falke-Drake (icon photograpy)

Adele by Adele Maloney
Jane by Jane Cunningham
Rachael by Rachael Kay
Sally by Slavka Jovanović
Julie by Julie Meriwoode
Debbie by Slavka Jovanović
Louise by Louise Coles
Mary by Slavka Jovanović
Heather by Heather Lowe
Gloria by Slavka Jovanović
Becky by Becky Simmons
Fiona by Slavka Jovanović
Sue by Slavka Jovanović
Savannah by Slavka Jovanović
Jaqui by Jaqui Ball
Debbie by Debbie Elleston (pending interior image)